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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pistachios... A weight-loss snack !!

Choosing to snack on pistachios rather than pretzels as part of a healthy diet not only supports weight loss goals but can support heart health too.

The study is especially significant as snack foods account for more than a quarter of the total caloric intake among Americans.

Snackers often think pretzels are a better choice for weight management compared to a nut like pistachios just because they are lower in fat. A study debunks that myth.

In a 12-week randomized study, 52 overweight subjects were placed on a 500-calorie deficit diet and were assigned to either a pistachio snack or pretzel snack group.

The pistachio group included a daily snack of 240 calories (about 75 pistachios) and the pretzel group, a two ounce snack of similar caloric value totaling 220 calories.

The results showed that the pistachio group had better success with supporting their body mass index (BMI, a height to weight ratio) goals compared to the pretzel group.

Pistachios can help support heart health too, proving that they can be included in a healthy diet, even for those who are managing their weight.